Campaign Layer Edit Help

This lets you edit particular campaigns layers.

Initially you get a list of campaigns for the current experiment to choose from, or click "[+]Add".

Then you can pick the Name for this campaign, the VO Role, software version and dataset
for the campaign, and attach a particular Launch Template and Campaign Definition.
Also you can add ovverides/aditoins tot hte options passed to the launch script
in the Campaign Definition.


A name for this campaign layer.


This says whether the campaign is considered "Active", or if it is done being run.

VO Role

The role to use for jobsub when submitting, killing, etc. jobs for this campaign.
It can be "Production", "Analysis" or in some cases "Calibration" or something more exotic if your VO has defined such roles.

Software Version

The software version that will be set in the metadata of output files generated by this campaign.
POMS assumes files have metadata that lists their parentage, and software application information;
it can then use the software version, filename patterns, and parentage to define datasets for the output of this campaign layer.


Dataset this campaign layer will process. If this campaign is only ever run as a later stage in a workflow, this is ignored.

Dataset Split Type

See Dataset Split Types for details.

Completion Type

You can specify either

  • Completed to say the campaign layer submissions are complete when their jobs complete, or
  • Located to say the layer is completed when the submissions output files are located.

Completion Percent

This lets you specify a percentage of either jobs or files to allow a workflow to proceed if not quite all the tasks hare done according to their completion type.

Parameter Overrides

This edit icon pops up a window that lets you add or override parameters to your Job Type's launch command by specifying key, value pairs that will be concatenated and put on the command line, with a space inserted between the key and value if the "space" option is checked. Note that matching keys replace matching keys from similar parameter lists in the Job Type.

Note that the values in the Parameter Overrides will have VariableSubstitution performed on them

Depends On

This lets you define the dependencies on other campaign layers that this one has. Note that to add a circular dependency (i.e. to make this campaign auto-launch the next submission as each one completes) you have to have saved the campaign at least once, so it will show up in the list of campaigns to choose from.