August 29th


Anna M, Brian Y., Marc M., Brandon W., Vladimir, Yuyi, Margherita

- POMS v2_2_0 status in view of upcoming release this Thursday (ALL)


1. POMS v2_2_0 status

We are in good shape to deploy the new release.
Had a discussion with NOvA and they liked all the changes.
We should not expect any complaints. Most of the changes in this release
were requests from Alex Himmel.
Haven't had any proxy error. Still some slowness in loading which should
be greatly improved with the new layout features.
We agreed we wanted to make this release before continuing making new
"Home Page" task was removed form this rlease.
Bug 17506 will be fixed by Marc. Anna will take care of updating the
release notes. Marc will take care on merging all the changes for making
the release.
There was a discussion about sending the official Announcement through
SNOW. Marc is doing it this time (already done)
Yuyi wll learn how and do it next time.
We coud possibly have an integration branch release for the experiments
to view before making the official rel.
Made 3 submissions in production and no problems found.
Mu2e: will have a meeting with Ray so he can learn how to compose a
campaign from scratch and submit jobs.

We had discussed in the past to have a list of steps to take
for new people; it's not obvious from the menu what to do.

Got feedback from Ray (Mu2e), there is no guidance. As mentioned since the beginning,
It would be good to have something interactive to guide through the steps the first time.

Showing histograms from the campaign info page.
Anna suggested to have the possibility to choose the binning.
More histograms available, example showing files copy metrics

In touch with Alex to talk about how they (NOvA) are organized to
submit jobs: it could be useful information for other experiments.
For next release: have the online guide available, meaning short info
covering on the question mark and going to wiki when clicking.
As far as NOvA ECL link , it needs to point to nova production instance,
not nova.

The instance name is stored in the db, so we can update.

Suggestion to use "raw table" to update form the web interface.

Action Items:

- Have the online guide available for next release.
- Fix the NOvA ECL link