April 17th


Bryan Y, Anna M, Steve W, Marc M, Robert I, Brandon W, Vladimir P. Yuyi G, Margherita VW.


- General Status for release 3.1.0
- Plans for version 3.2.0


1) General

Showing slides of presentation on POMS given to management and see where we are.
Suggestion to join SLAC and POMS channel for communications.
About POMS templates; it looks like DUNE has a lots of duplicates, see if we can make more
“re-usable” templates.
About analysis: nothing defined yet, it will possibly be a simpler subset of production.
Marc has been working on Work Flow Editor to make it easier for the user.
We might need to change main page to be more general and not production-oriented.
Maybe we will also change in the POMS acronym to be Process instead of Production.
About we want to use the command line feaure to talk to POMS. We hope to
use same database.

Do we want to mix production data with user data? Still not known.

The goal behind is to use same config file that POMS is using. Now they hae an XML based
file and want to get rid of. The hoep is to get their filesa from the GUI and produce what we
Now, about File Scraping. This is related to the issue that Anna has always pointed out that
Statistics information mismatch with what user can find in FIFEMON and we ant to avoid
this. Ideal would be we have an API we could call and use.

We will meed with Kevin and talk about this and see what we could do.

Asked many time to get DASHBOARD to be linked from POMS.. the campaign name would be more efficient for the user instead of the ID.

Preliminary discussion with Tanya; have both name and id for campaign.

2) Documentation

Anna has put good example for templates to be used, available in Redmine.
Focus is on what the user needs to knowabout POMS. Have a general approach.

Copy of slides presented to Icarus and SBND are available in Redmine as a general
Documentation. Before going on vacation has asked Ken Herner to get together
And see what they would need but never had a chance, mayve they were not ready yet..

How about having/using documentation in code and then generate with python..

That would be too technical, need something general for the user like, what is a campaign etc, like a Campaign is a collection of stages..

2) Product testing

Need to use integration environment after development and before we put in production.
If all OK, than deliver to the users in PRD.
Question: do we use the test suite? And who is using it? Do we update it when we add new feature or bug fixes?
We need to have a better understanding of the code so that the person on shift could handle the ticket instead of giving it to Marc…
About interfacing with experiments: Anna is the “liaison” with experiements.

ROBERT: for SBN experiments in general, not just MicroBoone.

Marc has been working on the Work Flow editor for config files.
When done, we will need someone to test it and make sure we understand it
(Vladimir will do the testing).

Hope this will be available soon, otherwise people will give up..SBND and Icarus
Are heavily depending on POMS.

They are the ones needing Documentation. We also want to provide in the future
a “Wizard” to help in the steps. Be able to save current state and resume where they left off.

There is a missinterpretetaion on what POMS can do.. They need data handling information,
Where does data go? They are asking to have a whole guidance on how to handle the data around. How to use SAM Metadata etc..
SBND, still working on understanding how to use their data.
Icarus so far has no man power..

POMS needs a set of very generalized templates and it heavily depends on SAM.
New Documentation will not be included in upcoming release ( 3.1.0) but in the next
(3.2.0). The idea is to be as general as possible. Margherita will work on this and will consult with Anna and Marc.
We will also start designing the campaign “Wizard”.
On another subject, we need to fix the crash dump user gets when trying to login and s/he
Doesn’t exist yet.
Future version v 3.3.0 will have more details on campaigns.
Need to meet with Anna to go over existing tasks.
About user communication: need to push people to use SNOW instead of poms-announce mailing list.
We will add code in POMS to automatically add a new user to the POMS mailing list.