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Date User Activity Issue Comment Hours
01/31/2018 Vladimir Podstavkov Implementation Bug #18836: Check new fifemon link 1.00
10/16/2018 Vladimir Podstavkov Implementation Bug #20865: GUI Campaign editor "Double click to open" box remains too long. This feature has just been disabled 0.50
01/24/2019 Vladimir Podstavkov Implementation Feature #21701: About Campaign Editor. 0.90
03/28/2019 Vladimir Podstavkov Implementation Feature #22176: POMS Client API for campaign names and stage names giving campaignid and.or stage_id 3.00
03/29/2019 Vladimir Podstavkov Implementation Feature #22213: extend poms_client campaign_stage_submissions function to take as argumrents 'tdays', 'tmin' and 'tmax' 1.50
04/09/2019 Vladimir Podstavkov Implementation Feature #21993: create a camapgin from ini 2.00
04/10/2019 Vladimir Podstavkov Implementation Feature #22035: poms_client: remove functions needed 4.00
07/30/2019 Vladimir Podstavkov Implementation Task #22709: find stage id while giving campaign name and stage name 2.00
09/19/2019 Vladimir Podstavkov Implementation Feature #23289: Return both campaign name and stage name for the get_campaign_stage_name poms_client API 4.00
11/29/2016 Vladimir Podstavkov Analysis Task #14562: Investigate POMS slowness 5.00
02/08/2017 Vladimir Podstavkov Analysis Feature #15348: Add test to stand up a cherrypy instace and fetch one each of all pages. 1.00
02/08/2017 Vladimir Podstavkov Analysis Bug #15007: When we get repeated errors on SAM queries, STOP... 2.00
04/21/2017 Vladimir Podstavkov Analysis Task #14863: Please check the horizontal bar in poms webpage 0.50
08/08/2017 Vladimir Podstavkov Analysis Feature #17323: New campaign should invalidate the cache 0.10
08/17/2017 Yuyi Guo Development Bug #17524: Unknown error when clicking Campaign Data/campaign Stages to delete 1.00
08/17/2017 Yuyi Guo Development Bug #17522: unknown error when clicking on configure work/Compose launch template to duplicating with the existing name 1.00
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