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Jeffrey Eldred, 05/11/2020 10:05 AM

This is the PIP-II Booster MADX files repository

You can browse the latest commits by clicking on the Repository tab above.

You can clone the entire repository by issuing the following command:

git clone

Once you have a local copy of the repository, you can modify it and commit it. If you have Redmine repository manager permission and a valid kerberos ticket, make an update with:

git add filename
git commit -m "commit message here." 
git push --force ssh:// master

File descriptions

  • Parent file: booster_PIP2.madx
  • Lattice: booster_PIP2_L11_config_2.seq
  • Magnet definitions: booster_PIP2.ele
  • Corrector strengths: *.dat