Versions before v1 04 04

  • v1_04_01 (May 18, 2015): Updates to the web interface for recent firmware changes. The web interface is now DTC Firmware v1.0-compatible. The DTC's SimMode may now be changed via calls to DTC::SetSimMode (the web interface is already set up as a user here, but mu2e_artdaq could do it as well via fcl config). Added DTCRegDump and util test programs. Added stream operators and enum-to-stream converter structs, added DTC::RegDump function which serializes current state to JSON. The DTC now checks the Timing Enable bit for each ring to determine whether to send DataRequests and ReadoutRequests; upstream code doesn't have to know whether or not to send them. Added DTC_SimMode_Hardware, which automatically configures the system for DMA loopback tests using a real DTC module.
  • v1_04_00 (May 13, 2015): CHANGED UPS PRODUCT NAME!!! pcie_linux_kernel_driver is now pcie_linux_kernel_module (UPS product name now matches repository name)! Updated to implement v1.0 of the firmware. Changed the format of the DTC Design Version functions. Added ReadSERDESOscillatorIICError and ReadSERDESOscillatorInitializationComplete functions.
  • v1_03_03 (May 1, 2015): Added finer-grained controls on the simulator, allowing the user to select the simulator mode. Implemented basic pattern generation for Calorimeter and CRV data packets, based on the Packet Definition v3.0 document on mu2e-docdb.
  • v1_03_02 (April 14, 2015): Bugfixes to libDTCInterface. Many updates to the mu2esim DTC Simulator class to improve functionality. It is now capable of simulating an arbitrary number of ROCs.
    ... Versions were not documented, sorry
  • v1_02_01 (2/23/15): Update to be compatible with firmware 150223**. This means: ToggleClearLatchedErrors and ReadClearLatched Errors function removed. Added ClearSERDESRXDisparityError, ClearSERDESRXCharacterNotInTableError, ClearSERDESUnlockError, and ClearSERDESEyescanError functions to replace functionality.
  • v1_02_00 (2/13/15): libDTCInterface now implements functions from the 15020317 firmware version. DTCLibTest program now accepts options for the number of test iterations to run and which tests to run. Added devl program to UPS product which is needed by mcs.
  • v1_01_01 (1/29/15): DTC Simulator class now performs register write operations. DTC::GetData releases all buffers before performing DMA reads.
  • v1_01_00 (1/29/15): Addition of the mu2esim class allowing libDTCInterface to simulate a DTC in the absence of a real one. Implemented an initial version of the WriteDataPacket used for all S2C DMA communications. Added toString methods to the
    TestCommand, TestMode, PCIeState, DMAStat and DMAState classes. Updated LibDTCTest program to run a full suite of Register I/O, PCIe/DMA Performance and DMA data transmission tests.
  • v1_00_01 (1/26/15): DTCWebInterface updated to version 1.0 (separate versioning for this product retired here). DTC Library had additional functions added to accommodate the Web Interface.
  • v1_00_00 (1/23/15): Initial build of pcie_linux_kernel_module UPS product -- NOTE: the name of the product is pcie_linux_kernel_driver.