Summary Description

Version v1_07_00 was released on 03/03/2016. Code has been reorganized to reduce nesting and more clearly denote working units.

DTCInterface Changes

  • Test programs and input data files have been moved to dtcInterfaceLib/test. This includes dtcUnitTests, packetGenerator, packetReader, and tester
  • my_cntl is now built as part of the DTCInterface suite of programs (along with mu2eUtil, rocUtil, and DTCRegDump)
  • Updates for compatibility with the DTC's DetectorEmulation mode. These changes have been extensive and testing-driven

DTC Web Interface Changes

  • none

Driver Changes

  • The driver now operates in interrupt mode by default. Once an interrupt is generated by the DTC, the driver enters a tight polling loop in order to maximize PCIe throughput.