Summary Description

Version v1_05_02 was released on 9/22/2015. This release includes firmware updates to support the "test" version of the firmware (dated July29). One major change in this version is the removal of PCIe and DMA statistics counters, as we have moved past the basic connectivity phase of DTC testing. It also includes a large number of bugfixes and improvements.

DTCInterface Changes

  • Revised values for the DTC_SimMode enumeration. Broke DTC_SimMode_Hardware into DTC_SimMode_NoCFO (The standard test mode), DTC_SimMode_ROCEmulator, and DTC_SimMode_Loopback
  • Added timing of device operations, accessible via DTC::GetDeviceTime and DTC::ResetDeviceTime
  • Added DTC_DataPacket::Equals, operator==, operator!= and operator<< for comparison and binary streaming
  • Added loopback mode emulation to the mu2esim class
  • Added "buffer_test" and "loopback" test modes to mu2eUtil. "buffer_test" performs reads and dumps the raw DMA buffers, while loopback is designed to do high-throughput DMA tests.

CFOInterface Changes

  • Improved CMakeLists so that the Node.js modules are only rebuilt when necessary

DTC Web Interface Changes

  • Removed functions and HTML/JS/CSS files related to the PCIe performance tester

CFO Web Interface Changes

  • none

Driver Changes

  • CMakeLists changes so that the kernel modules are only rebuilt when necessary