Summary Description

Version v1_05_01 was released on 8/19/2015. This release includes firmware updates to support the v2.00 version of the firmware (July29). It also includes a large number of bugfixes and improvements. The default gcc version has been changed from v4_9_1 to v4_9_2, and the cetbuildtools version has been updated to v4_12_05.

DTCInterface Changes

  • Created the DTCSoftwareCFO class to emulate a CFO when a real one is not present. Also added requestSender test program for the DTCSoftwareCFO.
  • The mu2eUtil program now has many more options and is used for integration testing of the DTC and DTCInterface
  • The DTC Simulator ( has had many improvements made for stability; performance is rather less than previously. It can now support multiple simultaneous read/write operations and is compatible with the data format of the v2.00 firmware.
  • Multiple improvements and firmware-based updates (new registers and data format changes).

CFOInterface Changes

  • Removed some delete[] statements which were causing glibc errors

DTC Web Interface Changes

  • none

CFO Web Interface Changes

  • none

Driver Changes

  • none