Flashing new DTC firmware

  1. Log into the system which has the DTC card installed and which has
    the firmware file accessible. For example: mu2edaq01 and /home/kwar/DTC/DTC2015Feb23_17.mcs
  2. setup pcie_linux_kernel_module or the development environment
    source /mu2e/ups/setup # Or the path to your working products directory
    setup pcie_linux_kernel_module -qe7:prof v1_06_00d # Version number will change, use `ups list -aK+ pcie_linux_kernel_module` to see what's installed in your current product area

    source /home/mu2edaq/
  3. execute script with firmware file as parameter. For example: /home/kwar/DTC/DTC2016Feb10_2.mcs
  4. power cycle the system
    shutdown -h now