Building the module

The module is built by default during the CMake build of the pcie_linux_kernel_module product

cd <some_work_area>
git clone
mkdir products
cd products
chmod +x pullProducts
./pullProducts . slf6 artdaq-v2_03_00 s47-e10 prof # These parameters may change in the future; ask for help if it doesn't work as written
source ./setup
setup TRACE v3_08_01
make OUT=$PWD modules
insmod module/`uname -r`/TRACE.ko #TRACE module must be built and inserted for mu2e module to build correctly, at least on SL7
rm *.bz2;cd ..
mkdir build_pcie
cd build_pcie
source ../pcie_linux_kernel_module/ups/setup_for_development -p
buildtool -iI ../products

You should see the kernel module being built.

To install the modules:


Note for different kernel versions

The TRACE product has a kernel module which is a dependency of the mu2e.ko module. If your version of TRACE does not include the proper kernel module, follow these steps (from your working directory):

source products/setup
setup TRACE v3_05_00a -qe7 # Version number will change, use `ups list -aK+ TRACE` to find the correct parameters
make OUT=$PWD modules