Using and developing otsdaq-web

Running otsdaq-web the ots_developer account on rulinux03:

A cron job for keeping the server up runs every 15 minutes on rulinux03 under the ots_developer account. Currently, the master repository of otsdaq_web is checked out. If you wish to run the server manually:

ksu ots_developer
cd ~/mrbots/srcs/otsdaq_web
git checkout sandbox-stable
#output is saved to ./watch_server/OtsServer.log

This script creates a PID file for the node process which will run the server. If you try to run while the server is already running, an error will be displayed.

Manually kill the process with

kill $(cat ./watch_server/

or by simply running the script as shown above.

If you want to edit the cron job use this command:

crontab -e

If you want to edit the Device Picker (choices for the step-by-step features) menu modify this file:


If you want to edit the Cactus Picker (choices for the firmware library features) menu modify the cactus folders of the otsdaq-firmware repository (currently the develop branch is being used).