Updating web source code documentation

Tools for updating the documentation are in otsdaq_utilities.

There is a script that automatically pushes updates to the website:

#You must run this script from an OTSDAQ installation directory
${MRB_SOURCE}/otsdaq_utilities/tools/ <do NOT do mrb z> <only transfer main page>

#for most cases, the default with no options is fine

The result will end up here:

This script will...
  1. Regenerate doxygen docs for each repo (if mrb z is done)
  2. Transfer all doxygen and extra meta docs to the proper place on (if 'only transfer main page' then the many doxygen docs are not transferred.. rather only the extra meta docs are transferred)

Note: that only transferring the main page is useful when developing and changing the main page frequently without recopying all the many doxygen docs.

The extra meta docs are saved in ${MRB_SOURCE}/otsdaq_utilities/onlineDoc

The doxygen docs are generated per repo into ${MRB_BUILDDIR}/<repo>/doc if CMakelists is setup properly in ${MRB_SOURCE}/<repo>/doc/

The version at the top of the main page seems to come from the local_products* folder (not sure if possible to change in advance of a release?).

CMakelist looks like this: