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Dario Menasce, 10/30/2017 09:14 AM

SL6/7 Install as a User

Quick Start (from scratch, start here)

Choosing your computer

otsdaq currently supports Scientific Linux 6 and Scientific Linux 7, so you need a machine with one of the two installed as its operating system (Download Scientific Linux Here).

If you do not have a compatible machine, it's OK! You can use a virtual machine (VM) - the VM should work on any operating system you have. Follow these instructions for setting up your virtual machine: Setting up a virtual machine.

Downloading pre-requisites

On a fresh Scientific Linux install try to run these commands (use sudo or do as root) to make sure some basics are installed:

#make sure you have a network connection before you start (e.g. open a web browser)
#   ... to access the graphic network settings window navigate like so: Applications --> System Tools --> Network 

yum install git libuuid-devel openssl-devel #as root for basic tools
yum install -y gcc kernel-devel make #as root for compiling
yum install lsb #as root for lsb_release
yum install kde-baseapps #as root for kdialog

Pick an install directory

Assuming you are up and running with Scientific Linux 6 or 7, create an empty folder somewhere you have write access (like your home directory). For example:

#to make the path to install otsdaq
mkdir -p ${HOME}/otsdaq

#cd into your newly created directory
cd ${HOME}/otsdaq

Installing otsdaq

Then from within your new empty folder, run the following:

#download the quick-install script
wget -O

#change permissions so you can execute the script
chmod 755 

#execute the script targeting your current path
./ .

That is pretty much it! Follow the instructions that ensue in your terminal.

Returning to your Installation

In the future, when you start a new terminal follow these instructions to start-up your ots installation:

#change directory to your ots path
# cd ${HOME}/otsdaq #for example

#run the setup script

#follow the instructions that ensue in your terminal

Issues with your Installation

For more info on how to use otsdaq, try the User Manual .

Common errors:
- "Error - pullProducts" .. this may be due to not having git installed (for example, if you have a fresh Scientific Linux install)

- To install git:

sudo yum install git #switch to root

If you get any other errors during installation, notify us by opening a new issue here (you will need to login):
New Issue

Join the otsdaq user community email forum, to hear about news and updates, by sending a blank subject email to with the body


You can then post to the user community forum by sending an email to .