Off-the-Shelf DAQ Project Wiki

If you are a user or developer of otsdaq (or thinking about becoming one), then you came to the right spot!

Remember the public facing ots website is

A brief introduction to otsdaq is here

Instructions for how to install and use otsdaq can be found here

For more otsdaq tutorials and documentation, select the Index by title view.

The latest otsdaq releases can be found here.

Reporting a bug, idea, etc:

If you found a bug, we want to fix it!

Here you can submit a report for a bug, feature, support, idea, meeting, milestone, NOvA simulation request/problem, necessary maintenance, or review request.

You have the option to assign this report to a specific developer and/or make your report private.
(Note: You must login to submit a report. And please be sure to tell us which version of otsdaq you are using!)

Or to contact the core developers directly email

Joining the email forum:

To hear about news and updates, you can join the otsdaq user community email forum by sending a blank subject email to with the body as follows:


You can then post to the user community forum by sending an email to

Ongoing effort and items on the horizon:

otsdaq started as a Fermilab LDRD project. To learn more about LDRD from a Fermilab login, click here.

Here are some useful links to see the newest otsdaq developments!

Latest Activity

Fermilab Network Security notice:

It is the policy of Fermilab network security to require regsitering publicly accessible web servers, static IP addresses, and TSL. It is also their policy to require HTTPS secure connections when exchanging user created login credentials.