The MINOS Experiment is a long-baseline neutrino experiment designed to observe the phenomena of neutrino oscillations, an effect which is related to neutrino mass. MINOS uses two detectors, one located at Fermilab, at the source of the neutrinos, and the other located 450 miles away, in northern Minnesota, at the Soudan Underground Mine State Park in Tower-Soudan. For more information on the Minos+ experiment, please check their official page:

Relevant Monitoring Links

To monitor the MINOS+ Offline Systems, you can use the following links:

MINOS+ SAM station

MINOS+ Fifemon

MINOS+ Fifemon Batch

You can also check overall monitoring tools in:

Minos production overview

Monitoring Minos production


Configuring shared account OSG certificates

Production Group Account

Minos+ production workflow using samweb projects