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h1. Hello Team

*Step By Step New OPOS Intern's Guide*

Welcome to OPOS! (Offline Production Operations Service)


You should schedule an appointment with the Visa Office the day after your arrival arriving date (3 business days workdays before). You can do that at the following next link:


Upon After your arrival at Chicago O’Hare International Airport, after having retrieved Airport and your luggage from the baggage claim, has been retrieved, call the transportation services. You can your airline provider if you may place ask for a complimentary phone call to the airline company or you can use change to pay for a public phone. The transport transportation services will then pick you at up to the airport and drop you off assigned place at the Fermilab village; they will let you know whereabouts they will be picking you up at the airport. Village.


1. Report yourself to your direct supervisor Anna Mazzacane (8th floor east side of site Wilson Hall at the end of the hallway) Hall) . She will should request an your email account box and computer hardware for you from equipment to the service desk.

desk department.

2. Go to the VISA Office (Wilson Hall, on the 15th floor, west side) appointment and bring the following next documents:
> > • Passport
> > • DS2019 form
> > • Health insurance document
> > • I-94 form

> > • Driver's Driver license

3. Go to user's users office (located on the Wilson Hall Mezzanine, between the ground and first floors, MS 232.) Bring the following documents:

> > • Passport
> > • DS2019 form
> > • Health insurance document
> > • Driver's Driver license

> a. You will request for Fermilab user-access.
your site user access
> b. You will also fill out paperwork sign the papers for your rental rent car (You need your driver's license for this). driver license).

4. Upon After receiving an approval email confirming your account, you should then proceed go to the Key & ID Office (Wilson Hall ground floor) to receive your Fermilab ID Fermi badge.

5. Go to the service desk (Wilson Hall Ground Floor) with your Fermi badge and there you can receive your computer equipment and your passwords for Fermilab accounts (Before this step you should have your computer account created and a request for your email box by your direct supervisor).

6. Give the transportation limo receipts and other fees payed at the airport to Luann (Wilson Hall, 9th floor west side)

7. Go to the housing office (white big house in the village) in order to obtain your house keys and some instructions.


8. In order to be up to date on things at the lab, you should subscribe yourself to some email distribution lists. You can follow the instructions at

9. You should ask OPOS leader to change your role at the OPOS portal to Manager and Developer

10. Configure your Production Group Membership: You may you group Membership at the correct way. So you can configure that at Choose Then you can choose Service catalog (at the left side menu) and after at Accounts ServiceNow Assignment group membership Modification. There you may fill the Action Request field with "Assign Assign to Group" Group and the Select Assignment Group field with "Production Processing". Production Processing.

11. Request experimental access permissions: You some experiments accounts, you can do that at Choose Then you can choose Service catalog (at the left side menu), menu) and continue to [Accounts after at Accounts affiliation\experiment computing account request]. request. You should affiliate with the following experiments: (MINOS, experiments MINOS, NOVA, MINERvA, MU2e, MicroBooNe). MicroBooNe.

Use the Following Parameters when filling out the request:
> • Computing support access only? = Yes
> • Institution Name = FNAL

12. Install jabber following the instructions at:
--Recall, depending on what operating system you are using, you will need different software distribution.

13. You should confirm check if you have access to all the above listed experiments requested at [ the portal at My pages], Make sure pages, and also you should have access to the admin page. For any problems problem you encounter, could contact Joe Boyd (

14. You have to check to see if you have your access to the experiments' virtual machines. machines as I explain following with nova ones.

NOvA Example:

> > > • You should open the terminal (depending on your operating system)
> > > • After you create your Kerberos ticket, use ticket using the command: command kinit __your_principle_____
> > > • Enter your kerberos password assigned by the service desk.
> > > •
You can also check your ticket validation with: with klist
> > > • You can access to the machine by the following command:
> > > > *ssh –K ahandres@novagpvm01*

15. You do need access to the common account for each experiment. Follow there is a description for the nova particular case:

• If you don’t have access, access somebody in the OPOS group should add your fnal principle user at *.k5login* file.
• You should also check your access under the novapro proxy, rather than your own (for production job submission): as novapro:
> > > > *ssh -K novapro@novagpvm01*

15. Check the document at:
this document will could help you to have a better understanding of the OPOS activities.

16. Explore the experiment WIKI pages to gain a better understanding of the workflow.

*Some OPOS links:*

* Redmine URL:
* List of ECL instances:
* Service now:
* JobSub:
* User guide for SAM:

*Relevant mailing lists:*

* fermigrid-announce
* fife-jobsub-announce
* gp-downtime
* stk-users
* nova_production
* minos_batch
* minerva-production
* fnalgrad

*To SUBSCRIBE to a mailing list called MYLIST*
Send an e-mail message to
Leave the subject line blank
Type "SUBSCRIBE MYLIST FIRSTNAME LASTNAME" (without the quotation marks) in the body of your message.

For example:

SUBSCRIBE nova_production Anna Mazzacane.

*To OBTAIN a list of who Is Subscribed to a list*
Send an e-mail message to
Leave the subject line blank
Type "REVIEW MYLIST" (without the quotation marks) in the body of your message, where MYLIST is the actual name of the list
If the list owner allows this option, LISTSERV will return a copy of the "list header" and a list of all subscribers

See for further info.

*To CONFIGURE your Fermilab IM account (Jabber)*
# Go to the knowledge article "Messaging at Fermilab":
# Follow the instructions that match your requirements.

*To CONSULT the Fermilab Knowledge DataBase*
# Go to
# In the left side menu, click in "Knowledge"
# Search using some keywords.
# Enjoy the pieces of knowledge!