Experiments workflows and concepts


For OPOS is important to have a better known of the experiments workflows. As an active participants in the processing chain the big picture of the process is significative important. Furthermore, the group member hardly believe that understand the experiments setups, goals and impact in science give more sense to the daily activities and increase the compromise of the members in the team. Additionally this kind of activities reinforce the professional network and generate spaces to discuss ideas that can impact in the results of Fermilab procedures.


Improve the understanding of experiments setups, goals and workflows.
Generate documentation about the experiments workflows.
Generate discussions spaces for improve OPOS procedure, look into new collaboration opportunities and create spaces to transfer and share knowledge between the experimenters and the computing division.

First session.

Experiment overview mu2e, presentation attached at the end.

Second session.

Robert Fine: MINERvA Experiment overview and workflows

Third session.

Alexander Himmel: NOvA Overview

Third session.

Natalia M Ratnikova : Space usage monitoring for distributed heterogeneous data storage systems.

Future Topics:

MINOS+ Experiments & setups.

Felipe, with this first session I hope to answer the following questions:

What was the main goal of the experiment?
How is the experiment setup? Was the initial setup equal to the currently one?
How do the detector works?
How do you recognize the real data from the background?
What was the most difficult challenge during this years of the experiment?
What are the results produced by MINOS+?
If there is a new experiment, what advise can you give them about computing and workflows?
How did OPOS help MINOS+? Can we do something else?
What can we do for new experiments that we didn't to with MINOS+?
How can we help MINERvA after MINOS+ stop its activities?

Session 2. MINOS+ Workflow.

Do you have a flow chart?
What are the times in that workflow?
Where is OPOS in that workflow?
Where are the challenges in that workflows?

Time tracking.
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  • Update: Feb 23rd. Felipe