* Fermilab tools related with OPOS daily activities

List of topics:

The idea is that the talk will be prepared by the expert and one member in OPOS team. In order that the talk suit the group necessities.

  • SAM Web Projects. (Robert Illinworth)
  • Kibana (Qiulan) (That should be cover in another seminar)
  • Grafana. (Kevin)
  • Dcache. (who?)
  • Bluearc (who?)
  • FTS. (Michael Diesburg, Marc Mengel)
  • Jobsub (fifemon who?)
  • Condor (fifemon who?)
  • Gratia (Juan, Tanya)
  • OSG (Who)
  • How is the architecture of the grid? (Arthur K)
  • How is the infrastructure in fermilab? (who?)
  • How is the security an authentication in the grid? (Jeny Teheran) (cover in other seminar, probably)

Date of title creation: February 17th, 2016 - Felipe
Modification: March 2nd, 2017 - Felipe