NuTools 3

Component packages


Contains EventDisplayBase and IFDatabase.

IFDatabase is currently entangled with EventDisplayBase and is therefore part of nuevdb.

There is speculation that NOvA and LArSoft might prefer to maintain separate copies in their own code base. This is a long term goal.


Contains G4Base, MagneticField, and ParticleNavigation.


nugen contains NuReweight and parts of EventGeneratorBase.

This will also be the home for the larsim and NOvA genieGen_modules. The modules are nearly the same but have two different pot datastructures. The new genieGen module will support both datastructures. This is a long term goal.


Contains RandomUtils, which is unused by NOvA.


nutools contains the CRY interface.

nutools/bundle contains the scripts used when building the nulite and nu distributions.

The plan

NuTools is shared by both LArSoft and NOvA. It contains a number of utilities and interfaces to event generators. Since NOvA and LArSoft often use different releases of the event generators, and also different releases of art, it becomes complicated to keep everything up to date. We think the time has come to revisit NuTools and provide the fuctionality in separately maintained packages. A committe of interested parties from NOvA and LArSoft met May 23 to discuss options.

Planning for the split