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Lynn Garren, 01/09/2020 01:03 PM

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h1. Notes for NuTools release managers
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h2(count). Changing one package
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* If you only need a new version of a single package, such as nugen, then simply checkout that package, edit, tag and build.
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* If you want a complete nulite distribution with the new package, then you would also checkout nutools.
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** Edit the package version and the nudist version in nutools/bundle/CMakeLists.txt.
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** The nudist version must be the same as the nutools version, but with an alphabet character added to the end.
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*** For instance, v3_01_03 would become v3_01_03a, v3_01_03b would become v3_01_03c, etc.
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** Build nutools and use the generated nutools/bundle/nu* files. (See below for more information.)