This package supplies alternative Geant4 PhysicsLists (independent of ART framework). PhysicsLists can be acquired from the g4nu::G4PhysListFactory based on a name string; the factory is extensible by allowing new lists to register themselves (thus in principle not requiring the factory to be recompiled).


Building the package

Building this package depends on cmake and uses three directories: source, build, install. After the process is completed the build directory can be removed.

The source can be checked out and built using the commands:

  cd /path/to/work/area

  export ROOTVER=v5_34_09
  export QUALCOLON="nu:e2:debug" 
  export QUALDASH=`echo $QUALCOLON | tr ':' '-' `
  export INSTALLDIR=`ups flavor`-$QUALDASH

  setup cmake
  setup root $ROOTVER -q $QUALCOLON      # brings particular geant4 + gcc

  mkdir source build $INSTALLDIR

  cd source
  svn co
  # for write access use:   
  #  svn+ssh://

  cd ../build

  WHICH_G4=`ls -d ${GEANT4_FQ_DIR}/lib64/Geant4-*`

  cmake -DGeant4_DIR=${WHICH_G4} -DCLHEP_DIR=${WHICH_CLHEP} \
             -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=../$INSTALLDIR  ../source/G4NuPhysicsLists
  gmake install

  cd ..
  rm -r build 

Building a UPS product-ized version

  cd /nusoft/app/externals/G4NuPhysicsLists

  # edit to include desired combinations of root versions + qualifiers  (root picks up geant4 + gcc)

   ./ v0_0_1  [svn-revision]