NuMI beamline documentation

This is a clearing house and set of links to documents describing the NuMI beam. If you add a link to a document please make sure it is publicly viewable.

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Also see: The FNAL drawing database Must be at FNAL or have a VPN connection.

  • Detailed note on the position of NT-03 in the LE run - minos-doc-6473 Specifies the procedure that was used to determine the target position relative to horn 1. Has multiple engineering drawings that can be used to vet the MC geometry of the horns and target. Note: In the Aug 8, 2014 meeting Jim Hylen mentioned that the MCZERO point corresponds to the upstream end of the idealized horns, i.e., those without the curved section that can be seen in old documents like the NuMI TDR. In order to determine its location in the simulation one needs to compute the position based on the distance to the neck of the horn.

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