NuMI-X Grid Access


Eventually joining the NuMI-X group will automatically gain one access to the full set of authorizations (redmine, the unix group id gid, the VO for grid jobs, DocDB, mailing list, etc.). For now these are being handled on an ad hoc basis.

To gain the ability to submit grid jobs as part of the numix project you must use the Service Desk

Select from the Service Catalog the link: "affiliation/expt account request"

Submitting jobs

Authorized NuMI-X users can submit jobs to the grid using the the following:

source /grid/fermiapp/products/common/etc/
setup jobsub_client
export GROUP=numix

JOBSUBRESOURCE="--resource-provides=usage_model=DEDICATED,OPPORTUNISTIC --role=Analysis" 

jobsub_submit \
   -G $GROUP -g -N 1 \

### offsite running might use something like:
# JOBSUBRESOURCE="--resource-provides=usage_model=OFFSITE --site FZU --OS=SL6 --disk=20000" 

Take note of the jobid of the form

Check their status with:

jobsub_q --group $GROUP --user $USER 

and retrieve the logs via (using the above noted jobid):

jobsub_fetchlog --group $GROUP --jobid 1366243.0\ --dest-dir=.

Without the --dest-dir you'll get back a tarball; with it, you'll get all the individual files (take note that a copy of the original script comes back as part of the tarball so take care not to overwrite your file if you've subsequently modified it).

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