NuMI-X Disk Space

Use of DCache

The NuMI-X group has been authorized some allocation of DCache space. record here allocation limits both scratch and tape-backed

This appears on (selected) nodes as /pnfs/numix. If those nodes are SLF6 or newer then the NFS4 mounts allow most standard POSIX file operations.

Noted exceptions for file operations are:
  • appending to a file
  • creating empty files
  • re-writing a file without first removing it

Use of BlueArc

Currently NuMI-X is squatting in the /nusoft/data/flux area. The allocated use of /nusoft/data is poorly defined and shared amongst the experiments as well as NuMI-X, so is a poor (but hopefully temporary) solution.

Example script

needs clean-up, de-NOvA-ification (use common UPS area) and documentation of what all the bits do


source /grid/fermiapp/nova/novaart/novasvn/setup/ -r S15-01-16 -b maxopt

export IFDH_GRIDFTP_EXTRA="-p 0 -dp" 

ls -lah /nusoft/data/flux/blackbird-numix/flugg_mn000z200i_rp11_lowth_pnut_f11f093bbird/dk2nu/flugg_mn000z200i_rp11_bs1.1_pnut_lowth_f11f093bbird_1111.dk2nu.root
ls -lah /pnfs/numix/scratch/
ifdh cp --force=gridftp -D /nusoft/data/flux/blackbird-numix/flugg_mn000z200i_rp11_lowth_pnut_f11f093bbird/dk2nu/flugg_mn000z200i_rp11_bs1.1_pnut_lowth_f11f093bbird_1111.dk2nu.root /pnfs/numix/scratch/

Interactive direct access

For now there is no Limited number of individual can access to do administrative work on /pnfs/numix.