To gain full access to the numix project you must use the Service Desk

Select from the Service Catalog the link: "Affiliation/Experiment Computing Account Request" (middle column)
Choose NuMI-X from the drop-down "Select Affiliation/Experiment" menu

The rest of this page is only relevant for managers of the NuMI Beam redmine projects; everyone else can navigate back at this point.

Changing NuMI-X redmine membership

Managers can add new users to the "NuMI Beam" redmine group making them developers

Reminders when adding people

Consider sending them the following as part of the confirmation e-mail. I also like to inquire on what aspect of NuMI-X they plan on contributing to -- just to get a feel for where they're going.

I have added you to the list of people with write access to the repository.
I suggest that you also join the mailing list:

mail to
no subject line, but with body of message:
SUBSCRIBE NUMIX <your full name> 

The mailing list will also inform you of upcoming NuMI-X meeting which you should attend.

The NuMI-X docdb is at:
(user/password will be sent privately upon request)

Some helpful links:

NuMI-X rules (that which you agreed to abide by to gain access):

NuMI Beam Sim wiki:

Build & Run 'g4numi' (pure Geant4):

Build & Run 'g4numi_flugg' (fluka + flugg + numi via G4 geometry):

Reviewing membership


See project front page, or groupext url above

mailing list:

Send mail to: subject: (blank) body: review numix


Follow “list authors” + “list users in groups” links

unix group id (gid) numix

log on to any IF GPVM cluster node and issue the command:

ypcat group | grep numix | cut -d':' -f4- | tr ":," "\n" | sort

or check (as generated by a cron job script once a day)

registration in /fermliab/numix VO (grid job access)

(the following link does not work using Safari, use Firefox instead)