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Robert Hatcher, 05/16/2013 06:04 PM

NuMI Beam Simulations

This area is devoted to work on the simulation of the NuMI Beamline. This wiki should serve to facilitate those efforts by documenting how to get, configure and run the code.

Dude, where's my code?

Instructions for: Access to the repository


  • g4numi is a pure Geant4 based simulation of the beamline
  • flugg uses the same g4numi geometry, but interfaces to fluka for the actual particle physics
  • gnumi is the obsolete GEANT3 based simulation
  • pbeam is a fast FORTRAN based simulation (also obsolete)
  • mars is an alternative simulation (while mars itself is kept up-to-date, the NuMI code to use it has probably fallen into disrepair).