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Robert Hatcher, 05/16/2013 05:54 PM

NuMI Beam Simulations

Dude, where's my code?

Access to the repository

What was numisoft is now numi-beam-sim

    cvs -d ${NUMI_BEAM_SIM_CVS} checkout numi-beam-sim

There are two CVS branches nova and minerva

    cvs -d ${NUMI_BEAM_SIM_CVS} checkout -r nova numi-beam-sim
    cvs -d ${NUMI_BEAM_SIM_CVS} checkout -r minerva numi-beam-sim

If you're checking out more than one branch remember that CVS doesn't allow one to rename the top of the hierarchy, so

    cvs -d ${NUMI_BEAM_SIM_CVS} checkout  numi-beam-sim
    mv numi-beam-sim numi-beam-sim-HEAD
    cvs -d ${NUMI_BEAM_SIM_CVS} checkout -r nova numi-beam-sim
    mv numi-beam-sim numi-beam-sim-nova

Comparing the code to the old repository

Assuming you've have an old copy (say the nova version from nusoft cvs) at nova_numisoft you can compare the head of the nova branch to the nusoft version via:

   diff -r --exclude=CVS numi-beam-sim-nova/ nova_numisoft |  egrep   -v '[0-9]c[0-9]|[0-9][0-9]c[0-9][0-9]|\$Id:|---|diff -r --exclude'

The egrep excludes boring lines that delineate changes (diff's output markers) and the most common change the $Id: cvs keyword substitutions (since version #s changed), that is lines like:
diff -r --exclude=CVS numi-beam-sim-nova/g4numi/include/NumiNuWeight.hh MERGE/nova/g4numi/include/NumiNuWeight.hh
< // $Id: NumiNuWeight.hh,v 2009/09/24 16:43:38 martens Exp $
> // $Id: NumiNuWeight.hh,v 1.3 2009/09/24 16:43:38 martens Exp $