Task List

NumiSoft Tag Release

FLUGG Branch

Current FLUGG branch is "proto-2 NuMI-X". Branch contains fixes for importance weights (Adam S.) and run numbers.

To be done:
  • Some events STILL giving importance weight = 0
  • Geometry overlap and horn 2 fixes (Gareth)
  • Ancestor information fix may exist, need to check against previous versions (work done by Brian M.)
  • New scripts to build and run the proto-2 branch (Robert)
  • Package FLUKA and FLUGG into UPS products. Started by Rachid but never finished. Start from scratch using Robert's existing scripts (minor modifications needed).

G4NuMI Branch

Current G4NuMI branch is "proto-1 NuMI-X". Forked from the MINERvA branch, saves full ancestry information to output ntuples.

  • Same Geometry fixes as FLUGG branch (both share the same geometry files). Point tags as Geometry fixes are being introduced


  • Gareth to provide details of his overlap studies to Robert. This should include overlap/visualization tools used and any instructions/technical notes/docdb available.


  • script to convert g4numi (minerva branch) ntuples exists, one needs to play with it and validate output
  • for FLUGG, the chain is FLUGG -> text file -> root ntuple. In the last stage one needs to rewrite the script that takes the FLUGG text output and create the ntuple. The script should be able to handle files with or without ancestor information/lists.
  • Write instructions on how to setup and run the DK2NU scripts


  • Status?
  • Draft validation protocol/scheme
  • DK2NU validation
  • Documentation