Table of document numbers in the drawings database

To access documents in this list:
  • Follow the external link to the Drawings Database
  • Click Query on the left tool bar
  • Find the document number of interest below.
  • If the number includes a note in parenthesis (e.g., PPD Drawings), click the appropriate link in the "Additional Fermilab Drawing Resources" section of the drawings search page.
  • Type the number below into the field, "Enter a search string".

Note that many of the drawings have a table which contain drawing numbers to related drawings with greater details. Drawings should roughly be sorted by direction along the beam.

Drawing Number Drawing Contents Description/Notes
363028 LE Target Hall and Horn 1 Revision G is most recent.
437430 LE Target Assembly
433790 (PPD Drawings) ME Target Fin Assembly
433792 (PPD Drawings) ME Target Assembly
363382 NuMI Horn 2 Revision E is most recent.
363405 NuMI Horn 2 Spider Support Contains drawings of just the support, not the ceramic rod which connects all the way to the outer conductor.
363415 NuMI Horn 2 Ceramic Rod The ceramic rod which connects the spider support to the outer conductor.