GDML Overlap Script

The script in numix-docdb 52 can be used to find and inspect the overlaps found in the GDML geometry file output from Geometry with G4StandAlone.
The .C file is the actual script; the .txt file contains instructions, tips, and pointers.

In order to make changes, the G4StandAlone files (typically found in G4StandAlone/src/*.cc) have to be modified and turned into a new GDML file. Furthermore, a second overlap checker is run when executing the last line in Geometry with G4StandAlone.

 ./g4sa --numi --batch -o numi_${ERA}.gdml run_e.mac

To keep track of the old versions, modify the previous line to the following:

 ./g4sa --numi --batch -o numi_${ERA}.gdml run_e.mac > numi_${ERA}.log

When creating a new geometry, follow good practice by not writing over the old gdml file, but storing it elsewhere, or renaming it by adding an identifier. Since the LoadGeometry function in the overlap script takes a file path argument, the old file can be checked at any time by using the new path. The archived the old GDML files, the log files when creating the GDML file, and the output from the overlap script should all be used as overlap fixing tools together.