FLUKA is a general purpose tool for calculations of particle transport and interactions with matter, similar to GEANT3 or Geant4. It is available for free to HEP, but under a highly restrictive license . The code is not open source and the bulk of the program comes pre-compiled (currently Linux 32-bit w/ gcc3+g77, and 64-bit w/ gcc4+gfortran). Each version of the library also comes with a "timebomb" that prevents the code from running after a pre-set date; MINOS/NOvA have asked for and received a patch file that pushes that date into the future (which is why we can still run 2008.3d), but it is a reoccurring issue.

FLUGG is a tool that add on to FLUKA to interface to Geant4 geometry.

building procedure



The current best reference for NuMI use of flugg can be found in the MINOS DocDB. While the document is publicly viewable, it can't be directly linked to.
  • goto the MINOS-DocDb at
  • click on the Public link on the first line, the one that says "Access Public Documents"
  • on the 2nd line that says "MINOS-doc-#" enter 6316 in the first box, and press the show button
  • on the ShowDocument page, click on the link flugg_doc.pdf