2019 03 28 Muon Monitor group meeting

1. The first talk was by Athula (MuonMonitorData1.pdf).


  • Data is being collected and recorded since March 24th
  • Example QA plots were shown
  • Time difference between data sets


  • CSV data sets might accumulate quickly, so keeping them in binary format might be a better idea
  • In addition to ROOT files it might be a good idea to keep HDF5 files
  • /pnfs/numix/mm area should be populated

2. The second talk was by Yiding Yu (muonmonitor3_28.pdf).


  • RHC mode (current reversed), all other parameters intact
  • MM1 results are mostly consistent with the beam scan data except for a single point. Low stats? Try other offsets in the vicinity of -0.3
  • MM2 results are consistent within +/-0.3 mm, should not expect agreement farther from the origin?
  • MM3 - stats too low

Preparing slides for next Monday's NOvA beam simulation group meeting.