November 12 2015


Mat, Gavin, Kyle, Fernanda, Louise, Ryan, Justin

Nearline Checklist

Updated to new Nearline checklist. Looked at doc-db 12323.
Shifters have been filling this in since Monday afternoon/evening.
Good shifters thus far, hopefully sets the example for future shifters.
Worries over clashes and loss of history if we change the plots that exist

NearDet ADC distributions

Fernanda took us through doc-db 12324.
Resolved the ADC spike at 256 ADC: diblock 3, dcm 02 (couple of pixels in FEB 55)
Louise states that this FEB will be replaced. A method for resolving this exists too.
No need to propagate the information to HWWatchList since we normally only do APD swaps and
overkill for one piece of hardware that has been bad apparently forever.
Mystery solved!

Action Item: Mat will try to pull up the DSO trace for this FEB. Needs investigating why it

Fernanda reports that we're almost ready to go to have ND "numi" and "activity" plots side-by-side on webpage displaying
for all and sundry

DDT plots

Kyle reports that DDT rate plots look better now. Kyle has ranges for expected rates from each Trigger owner and these rates
are posted (the "good values") on the plots.
Odd behaviour observed in the numu trigger rate around 3am, see plot.


Explained in ECL by Michael


Fernanda told us about the ADC spike having been discovered and on Louise's replacement list.
APD swap work planned for Thursday starting around 5am. List requested to be available Wednesday afternoon/evening and for the last week of running.

Louise requests having the zoomed timing peak plot for ND to be able to see small shifts, timing distribution of hits versus time.
Can we make the Title bars (Far Det/Near Det) go to the FD/ND nearline plots.

Fernanda is updating the How_to_Interpret_the_Nearline_Plots wiki page. Comments and suggestions are welcome.