12122013 Minutes

Mat Dom, Nick, Susan, Michael, Evan, Siva, Kanika

Operation: dcm-2-5-3
diblock 4 top is complete cooling will start tomorrow

Siva - Watch nearline, watchdog - NDOS is the only plot
Partitions (What are they?)

Louise know how to check for cosmics - Check comic overlap

Watchdog plots - Processing plots - Can we Identifies the time when the beam is off?

Gavin - Raw to root….. trouble between 11920 - 11940

—Production issues—
-Increasing data volume.
-How do we handle increasing data volume as we move to multipoint and a larger detector?

—How do we deal with changing detector conditions—
-Bad channels - How do we deal with bad channels
-Monte carlo with low threshold - and in general keeping current with the detector conditions
-Good Run s
-Processing subsets of detector

—Meeting commissioning requirements—   
-Can we have a more defined structure and set of goals.

—Detector pathologies—
-FEB Flashing (Offline and electronic solutions need to be worked. Better characterization of the effect.)
-Cosmics looking like neutrinos (DCM sync)
-How do we systematically study others pathologies?

-Calibration system

-Checklist for “shifter”