Kyle, Gavin, Ryan, Justin, Fernanda

Outstanding Issues

Kyle changed naming convention for DDT plots. Has anything changed for where things are meant to be.
Kyle controls where he puts them so sounds like a scripting issue on his side. No plots have moved around. Wherever he writes to should be correct.

Action Item: Kyle to debug his scripts.

Ryan Avg. ADC per FEB plots. For ND, it's not clear what this shows so we should extend the range that is displayed to be more useful.
Louise has been thinking about long-term, get a metric in watchlist to look at the wonky APDs.

Are we going to get ND GoodRuns plots soon? Barnali is working on it.

Action Item: Mat/Louise to follow-up with Barnali.

Fairly noisy, FEB dropout rate is stabilising.

Peter implemented change so that every ten minutes there is a sync issued. Shifters should still pay attention

Near Detector and Far Detector running smoothly.

Far Detector numi trigger rate plot funkiness. Michael explained the dual band is due to the discretisation of the rate calculation and likely the bow-like feature is
due to longer subruns.

Plots included show that the rate features occur at about the same time there are less FEBs reading out and active channels.

Fernanda also looking into issue spotted on Watchdog processing page, showing double counting of onmon files for FD data.