Mat, Louise, Fernanda, Justin, Ryan, Gavin

Outstanding issues

Joao has updated how the goodruns metric plots

At 3pm meeting yesterday there were requests from Jaroslav for additional plots to be added to the Nearline frontpage.
Two plots to help debug number of active DCMs/FEBs so shifters can decide when to decide to issue a sync.
DAQ meeting discussed feasibility of automating the sync issuing. Not going to happen any time soon.
Regularity of how often shifters should issue sync. Specific guidelines do exist, but not clear shifters are following them
We should direct people to the OnMon plots that show this.

Near Detector shows a new point every hour so for more rapid turnaround should use OnMon. Not clear if Jaroslav also wants the active FEB plot
for Far Detector.

Action Item: Fernanda to put FEB count plot on frontpage for the checklist?

ECL entry 53586: Entirely purple plot, exists in OnMon, zoomed in on colour bar such that one can see FEB dropouts. Gaps in first white line coincide
with gaps in second white line. Missed most of this discussion, Michael asking me questions about OnMon plot sent around by Louise.
Interim, add plot that can show FEB dropouts and await feedback from Jaroslav.

Justin sent around link to work-in-progress of new webpage:

In an interim state so notably the controls buttons will get cleaned up etc.
Front page plots are still the combined t00/DDActivity plots. New version separates things out so timing plot will be empty if beam is down, though current plot
displays extra info from the activity trigger. If beam is down it's probably better to not see anything on the plot.
Don't want to lose the metadata, i.e. plot describing info. Maybe make it a hover-over option.

General design will be start screen with no plots and shows only plots you care to see, plus categories etc. Don't read anything into how it looks.

Action Item: Fernanda making the "pink-plots" for Near Detector - nearline processing for ND goodruns.

Louise sent around a plot displaying a timing shift on Nov 20th. Response from Phil Adamson is that bunches are now , shaving 188ns off the total beam spill length.
Prior to 20 Nov, most of the beam spills came from Booster-to-Main-Injector-to-NuMI.
After 20 Nov, almost all of the beam spills came from Booster-to-Recyler-stacking-to Main-Injector-to-NuMI.

Near Detector looks good. Had been using an old DSO scan for a week after maintenance.

Far Detector

Far Detector, nothing unusal to report. Things look good.
Discussion about Track length, number of track plots. Sorry, distracted. Mat will dig around some whilst putting together his watchdog report for Friday.
Possibly borderline FEBs/DCMs that don't pass goodruns criteria contributing to track plots.
Looking at average efficiency of modules in day plot shows a section of detector that looks inefficent - probably diblock 6 - not a happy camper!