11/15/2013 Minutes


Kanika, Tricia, Peter, Gavin, Dominick, Nick


We are still running the full detector in Partition 1 only
Action Item: Ask Steve when we will revert back to Partition 1 running only di-block 1 & 2.


Finally appear to be keeping up. Going to stop putting RunHistory in cosmic trigger processed events and stop making bad channel masks until new system is in place.
Will process latest DDT NDOS Triggers.

GoodRuns list

Kanika would like assistance in keeping up the GoodRuns list going forward until Joao implements the automated system.
Requested improved feedback from Shifters - Steve agreed and made better instructions, i.e. requesting Shifter writes how many subruns completed for the run, if not 64 (0-63 indexing) then requires a reason why. This should make life easier.
Tricia suggested the Watchdog group email the collaboration to remind shifters the importance of this task.