11/04/2013 Minutes


Tricia, Kanika, Gavin, Mat, Nick, Michael, Dominick, Susan


Through the weekend things were running smoothly.
Mat is this weeks Analysis Shifter.
Tricia observes that the DCM that reads out on the top of the detector had a higher hit rate (DCM7), but now it is reading out the same hit rate. Clearly the old effect is not that on the top we see less cosmics.


Michael has split FD OnMon pages. One page for each partition.
Partition 1 data is the Commissioned data.
Partition 2 data is
Action Item: Michael to make "Fernanda"-style plots ongoing and in particular for DCM7.


Need that processing data know about the partitions - Query the database.

Action Item: Gavin will implement this today.

We discussed Nick's Efficiency plots which should be enough to win the bottle of wine!