Fernanda, Justin, Mat, Keith, Barnali, Gavin, Michael (briefly), Jim

Checklist for Nearline

Fernanda raised that we discussed previously making a streamlined checklist. Current checklist is overkill, not everything needs to be reflected.
New form should be updated to reflect plots on Nearline front page. Fernanda to update the form in the ECL.


Why is it 93.5% on the DetConfig plot? What does this mean? Useful to know what percentage of total live channels do we have? Useful metric.

Action Item: Mat will follow up with Joao on understanding what this metric is measuring.

Barnali is working on making dq.isgoodrun flag set in metadata for SAM for ND. Estimates a one week timeline for implementation.

Bruno is taking over from Chris to make Neutrino timing peak for FarDet.

Gap in FarDet data-taking starting ~3pm on 28th. New Timing firmware tests and rolled out live on FarDet.

Thresholds loaded from wrong file in Neardet 28th Oct ~3pm. Reflected in Hit rate plot.

PE plot (hits in noise slice) shows a bump around 10^2 - possibly a single channel (or a few) where the maximum threshold is set as it's noisier than algorithm can suppress.

Action Item: Put line indicators on timing peak so that by eye one can see where the peak is supposed to occur.
Timing peak vs time plot in OnMon, for a shorter scale? In principle, this can be done.

Louise, long story...timing work led to us running in state where by the timing peak occurred in the wrong place.
Left run going to make sure, once FarDet TDU Firmware updates where complete they could see a peak.
Shifters told to have two instances of OnMon to observe timing peak on one.

Track Fractions plot for ND. Points need to be made larger in order to be able to read the histogram.
PE Distribution plot titles don't update when clicking on week/month (still say past 24 hrs.)
Would be nice to record the channels with high ADC value.

Louise wants to revisit the plots on the Neardet front page. No need for both timing peak related plots.
Put the number of FEBs plot on the front page. Having shifters decide is risky business.

Action Item: Louise to follow up with experts as to status of auto-sync.

Keith: Request (more discussion at 2pm outfitting) to have a watchlist history list.

Action Item: Fernanda to make historical pages going forward and some retroactively.