Mat, Jim, Louise, Fernanda, Gavin

NearDet Hardware Watchlist Status

Fernanda informs us what is available. NearDet Hardware Watchlist is up and running.

She has muted channels that are not connected to anything. Numbers verified with Hayes via DAQChannelMap.
Non-reporting hardware has things that don't show up as red on bottom plot - so don't appear on plots or in csv files. Appear as black on the non-reporting plot.

Pixel Hit Rate plots

Plot shows rate in all pixels greater than zero: NearDetHWAllRatesNON0.png
Compare to FarDetHWAllRatesNON0.png
Currently cutting at a rate of 500Hz which on the log10 plot is at 2.7
Looking at FarDet, a 500Hz cut seems too aggressive and we should back off to 1kHz for FarDet or closer to 3.5 in the log base.
Low end cut is same as FarDet which is 10Hz - which is at 1 on the log10 scale - close to central distribution.

Drop low end threshold to 0.5 on the log10 scale and high end at 3. Acceptance range:

For completeness and clarity:
FarDet range: 0.5 < rate < 3.5 (log10 base)
NearDet range: 0.5 < rate < 3.0 (log10 base)

Action Item: Gavin to double check that Far Detector running last 24 hours is stable and standard configuration since we're basing things on that period right now.

Louise says diblock 4-02 doesn't have any FEBs beyond 22. Last one should be 21.
Fernanda says this is a typo. Will correct.

NearDet Hardware List-making

Dead channels
Lists number of non-reporting FEBs by diblock/dcm and we look at the sum for the last 7 days.
Non-reporting groupings in diblock 04-02 and 04-01 as well as 02-03. Ignore (double-check not reversed) the 04-02 non-reporting since these are non-existing FEBs (i.e. > 22). Similarly 04-01 FEBs > 33 are not real.

Updating Rates (non-reporting will change).

Block/plane coordinates are incorrect. Louise listed a few.

Will do cross-checks and allow a few more days to accumulate. Will ask when to see the first NearDet lists.

Action Item: Find out from Rob and/or Jaroslav when we can show our first list.

We agreed to try to make the first list Monday!


Shutdown starts Friday!

Meeting time will move up half an hour prior to accommodate Fernanda's class schedule. All in agreement with this time.
In future meetings will start at 12:30pm CT, 1:30pm ET.