0722014 Minutes

Attending: Micheal B., Fernanda., Minnesota, Siva

Points to discuss: Nearline checklist, Near detector Nearline, Watchdog going forward.

Far Detector:

-FD: Diblock 13 coming into the P1 this week or early next week.
-High ADC on diblock 9 top (same position that Chis B saw strange calibration.)
-What's going on with the strange rate blips.

-Nearline checklist: Can we make a new checklist? Some shifter motivation tool.

Partition 3 is not running anymore.

Joao - Talk to him about status on flagging individual diblocks good or bad.


OnMon plots are live
ADC specta - db3 dcm2 - showing one blazing pixel.

Siva - Still need to talk to production as Nearline reprocessing.