04092014 Minutes

Attending: Mat and Gavin

Susan is looking - It is so confusing to look at the FEBRatesVsHourDB_XX plots!!! The "present" is in the middle of the plot and the "past" begins at some point as you continue to go along the x axis!! Deep hatred for this axis!!! Is there any way this plot can be made to keep the past to the left of the present?

- More "false" notification from watchdog, need better clarification of when shifter should report.

- Studying the nearline efficeny plots

- Request by shift to change the last run on the nearline plot to be partition specific.

- NDOS is running in standard (non-multipoint mode), non timing peak in last 24 hrs still. (Number of slices is down to 1.5)

- Nitin's new pages are ready (ND, NDOS): I'll send a note to Michael.