04072014 Minutes

Attending: Michael, Mat, Gavin Hayes, Kuldeep

RCServer died this weekend and produce a 4GB, nearline "plowed over" it.

-Susan's Checklist: In FEB hit rate spectra, there is a break at 7 am. This is because the run ended and partition one was switched from including all 13 diblocks to instead just having the first four. Average numbers of things are not to be worried about since used to have 13 diblocks and now has 4. There are 6 non-reporting FEBs from total possible. On reporting FEBs, there are 25 channels that are not reporting. BUG REPORT: under checklist plots, clicking on "NPIXperEVT" is how you get to what is really hits per spill. BUG REPORT: There isn't a link to PE distributions in checklist plots. BUG REPORT: I would like more area to comment early and often!

-Susan's experience may help the nearline.

-Nitin is close to rolling out the new webpages.

-Watchdog page looks good.

Efficiency plot checks: List for 30% efficiency.
Text Files with plane module.

Zoom - 3 sigma of the mean (needs more work, all buttons)

Creating a bad runs list - need to work on this.