03192014 Minutes

Attending: Gavin, Mat, Kuldeep, Tian, Micheal, Dom

Jose - Reported watchdog whiteness.

We will add a bulletin to properly indicate how much white space is allow in the histogram during catch-up.

Andrew reported:
- It has been set to 7 days (i.e. files must be older than 7 days as well as meet all other archive criteria before they can be erased from disk at FD)

NUmI Trigger rate drop to 0.1 Hz at 11 am
Cosmics trigger rate also low.

Hits/spill is caused by dew point - possibly influence tracks.

Kuldeep -
Working on understanding how slicer is responding to noisy detector conditions.
She has files. Will up date on Friday.

Tian -
Jon Paley - interest in min adc versus time.
Min adc versus
Showing 10936.

Michael -
Onmon ND files are being produced at some level.

Gavin -
Is freaking out... ND is going to APD inside of 2 weeks.