03172014 Minutes

Attending: Gavin, Michael, Gavin, Mat, Dom

Evan - NDOS timing will run from the NDOS MTDU. This will happen within the next hour. STDU level calibration.

Michael - 1pps plot are "empty"
-We don't see a big change, if at all.

Evan - indicates that there was a shift in the accelerator clock. This who
- 1 pps on the plots comes from t_clock (M74 is the actual trigger)
- It's been like this for 2 days.
- Evan will look into this in the logs.
-Clock as shifted by few tenth of a second
-NDOS peak looks normal

- Sync issue over weekend - number of tracks low
- P3 interesting 4 day hits/spill oscillations
- P1 number of tracks
- NDOS out of sync at 10am

Watchdog plots -
Shifters found FTS issue
-Files were on Dcache

Nitin -
Need to move new webpage in place.
Hayes needs to flip the switch.

Working on OnMon Nearline

Kuldeep - Performing a quick study on slicer stability versus noise.
No longer working on webpage.