03/14/2014 Minutes


Michael, Gavin, Kuldeep, Mat (soon)

Detector state

No water leak since 3/11. Observing the Average Number of Hits per Spill


Request to get ND page starting. Continually running pattern data on ND, not exciting to observe so Michael
will make the plots go live. Expect emails from Michael related to novasoft and OnMon - DAQDataFormats, CMap, why rely on ndos.gdml.

Nitin is interested in doing the webpage setup. A one-man job now so Kuldeep will move on from Nearline. Kuldeep will start learning from Siva about SAM. She's interested in some analysis tasks. Michael and Gavin decided

Hardware List

We made the Hardware watch list, two FEBs from last report are still reporting Dead (above our threshold of 224). Included in new list. We have 10 on dead list, 5 on noisy pixel list - caveat 4 noisy are from P1 (di-block 1 and 2 which are known to be noisy).