Attendance Ash River, Team IU (Fernanda, Ryan and Justin), Leon, Louise

Detectors are running generally stable.

The changes to the TDU control interface have been used to enable FEB data flow instead of issuing time syncs and no adverse effects are visible on the nearline metrics. It seems to bring FEBs back as expected.

FarDet - Follow up from last week: The effects of lights off are visible in the nearline metrics, as Bill has pointed out. The number of FEB dropouts shows changes from that of the past weeks and there is at least one visible hit rate increase when lights are turned back on.

NearDet - The most prominent issue this week was that the detector was kept running while missing half a DCM for about 8 hours during the swing shift on Monday. There was emphasis on the fact that all the metrics to catch this problem were available to the shifter at the time. There is a suggestion to mask non-existent channels on the plots themselves to avoid shifter confusion, though this was not the cause of this particular issue.

Action item: The good subruns vs time plot will be promoted to the Nearline front page and checklist for the NearDet, as it helps spot some of these problems.

Hardware watch list - The date on the list is still displaying some date in 1969.
Action item: The date will no longer be displayed on the website until this has been resolved. Justin will also look into displaying the start of the period rather than the end date.

No comments have been received about the shift videos or website. More comments will be expected after the next round of videos are available.