03102014 Minutes

Attending: Mat, Pavan, Siva, Jim, Dom, Gavin, Nitin

Announcements - No meetings on Tues/Thursday
Use notes to collect issues.

- I gave an updated version of our list to outfitting.
(Two of the APDs we identified were working following the Maintenance day on Thursday.)
- 2 water leaks over the weekend, one diblock 5 side
- Diblock 2 power supply to dcms 1-3 down
- APD installs planned for 8-(4,5,7) and 5-12
- dcm 5-1 dropped out between 9 pm and 4 am this morning.
- P3 running in a mode to provoke RCServer failures (unstable right now.)
- NDOS number of slice hits jump at ~3pm and 9 pm yesterday, Timing looks good
- Shifters did fill the new DAQ/Computing checklist items and reported no issues.

Updates - How is the nearline check list coming along?

-New nearline webpage - We're going to factorize out the refresh issue for now. Deplay new page ASAP.

Nearline - Using slicer4d.