02/28/2014 Minutes


Steve!, Mat, Evan, Gavin, Dominick, Kuldeep, Nitin

Detector Conditions

Everything is running on Partition 1. We will possibly run in this mode all weekend because multiple experts are on shift.
Lots of noisy APDs fixed on di-blocks 4/5/6. Di-block 4 is cooled now. Discussion

Hardware Watchlist

List of hardware not performing optimally and possibly needs replaced. We have been tasked with making this list.
Using Fernanda's HardwareWatchList page and Jim's additions for formatting offline.
Determine what we should focus on but
Fernanda's list which lists things by number of occurences.

On the page we get a standard list, listing addresses by number of problems.
Score of how things are behaving lists position on detector, number of issues/subrun.
Noisy, Non-reporting, Quiet. Then toggles have High, Noisy, Dead. Confusing. Feedback for Jim.

Trying to capture the DCMs/FEBs with most affected pixels.
Initial page lists
List is huge initially. Have buttons to make downloaded csv report sheets.

We're making the list now:
Starting on High FEB Total since this will eliminate

Focusing on Partition 2! This can change going forward.
Find 15 sure-fire things that are obviously problematic in partition 2 to have a limit on what we are doing since the list could go on...

what the hell is
Mat is eliminating duplicate columns...maybe. We need to ask Jim. Jim has called in. Those with the high sum values in Dead Pixel spreadsheet are our first victims. Decided which were duplicates.

Technical question answered: clicking button dumps csv file to indiana and then to a server that interprets into a spreadsheet. Can manipulate spreadsheet as much as you like and it doesn't affect the underlying csv file that the webpage holds.
Sum vs. Total Problems: Sum is summed badness back to last time any intervention was made.
Total Problems isn't clear to me.

Starting with "cold" partition 2 hardware.
score "sum" from dead pixels 23rd-27th >100.



6/06/53 - up tp 27th dead, 28th all good re: Fernanda's plots!

Jim is investigating oddities on the spreadsheet. what does dcm 13 and FEB 64 represent??

That's our list. 4 FEBs to be replaced!